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| Last Updated::25/02/2020

Major Activity


ENVIS-NBRI activity during the Rose & Gladiolus Flower Show at CSIR-NBRI on 18-19th January, 2020

CSIR-NBRI organized its 60th ‘Rose and Gladiolus Show’ on 18-19th January, 2020 at the institute ground. On the occasion of this two days annual show, Dr. S.K. Barik, Director, CSIR-NBRI welcomed the Chief Guest Dr. Shekhar C. Mande, DG, CSIR and Secretary, DSIR, Govt. of India. They released the issue of Hindi Rajbhasha magazine ‘Vigyan vani’ and also distributed 26 running cups/shields/trophies along with 291 general prizes to the winners. ENVIS-RP, NBRI has contributed two chapters in this magazine, i.e., ¶yksjkbM % dqizHkko vkSj mik;' and 'i;kZoj.k lwpuk ç.kkyh dk lkekftd ;ksxnku. Dr. Sharmila Mande wife of Shekhar Chintamani Mande released new variety of Chrysanthemum 'Shekhar' developed by CSIR NBRI. ENVIS-RP-NBRI has also displayed the posters and standees related to its activities and themes ‘Plant and Pollution’. Dr. Vivek Srivastava, Coordinator, Dr. Babita Kumari, Co-coordinator, Mr. Sunil Tripathi, Program Officer and Mr. Diwakar Saini, Information Officer, ENVI-RP-NBRI interacted with the visitors and briefed the role of plants in pollution abatement.

Fig: Registration of visitors

Fig: Briefing about the publication of ENVIS-RP-NBRI

Fig: Distribution of ENVIS-Newsletters

Fig: Briefing about the application of plant to reduce air pollution