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| Last Updated::11/06/2020

Major Activity


ENVIS RP-NBRI Activity in Jigyasa-19

Under the Jigyasa programme, students of Kendriya Vidyalaya from different districts of Uttar Pradesh i.e., Basti, Varanasi and Allahabad visited to CSIR-NBRI on 27 May, 15 July, 22 July and 24 July, 2019. These students had been introduced with the current researches going on in the institute. The importance and role of ENVIS RP-NBRI was briefed before them. Beside, application of Green Planner was also explained. Lecture on ‘Vertical Garden’ was presented by Dr. Babita Kumari, Co-coordinator. ENVIS RP-NBRI team members actively participated for explaining the role of plant to mitigate the indoor and outdoor pollution. They also displayed and distributed ENVIS RP-NBRI-Newsletters to the teachers and students.
Picture Gallery
Dr. Vivek Srivastava, Coordinator, ENVIS RP-NBRI interacted to students
ENVIS RP-NBRI Team conducted the quiz competition for students
Dr. Babita Kumari, Co-coordinator delivered lecture and ENVIS RP-NBRI team members explained the role of plant to mitigate the indoor and outdoor pollution.
ENVIS RP-NBRI team and Kendriya Vidyalay Students and faculty
Mr. Sunil Tripathi, Programme Officer, ENVIS RP-NBRI briefed newsletters to the students
Mrs. Amrita Awasthi, IT-Officer, ENVIS RP- NBRI briefed posters to the students
Visitor get registered on ENVIS RP-NBRI Stall
Mrs. Vineeta Yadav, ENVIS RP-NBRI Team member briefed posters
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