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| Last Updated::19/12/2023

Major Activity


Session on Mission LiFE by NBRI-EIACP in collaboration with CSIR-Jigyasa - 10th Nov 2023

The event started with the introduction of Mission LiFE initiative and its main objectives to the students from Kendriya Vidyalaya, CRPF Bijnor,  who visited CSIR-NBRI on November 10, 2023. These students were introduced to the significance and role of Mission LIFE, as well as the NBRI-EIACP's outreach initiatives.

Dr. Anju Patel, Scientist and Co-coordinator, NBRI-EIACP addressed the role of NBRI-EIACP in achieving the Mission LiFE goals, with a special emphasis on the individual action items to living a sustainable life. Students learned about the LiFE MISSION and their role in promoting sustainable development in numerous areas of life.