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| Last Updated:: 07/06/2024

World Environment Day-2022

On the occasion of World Environment Day-2022” ENVIS-RP-NBRI organized a programme in collaboration with the Department of Botany, University of Lucknow and NASI-Lucknow-Chapter at University of Lucknow on the theme “Only One Earth” on 5th June 2022.
ENVIS-RP-NBRI has organized following online/offline competitions.

1) Online Quiz
2) Slogan writing (online/offline)
3) Opinion (online/offline) on the topic: Sustainability in Lifestyle for            Environment
4) Drawing (online/offline) on the topic: Build Your Actions to Save the Environment
5) Debate (offline) on the topic: Circular Economy for a Sustainably Built Environment: “Go” or “No Go” for India.
Participants registered for events were of Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels along with Doctorate, and Post-doctorate fellows.

A total of
 417 participantswere registered in which 336 entries were found eligible and 81 entries were ineligible (incomplete/double entries/not falling in the desired group). There were 201 participants registered for the online quiz, 61 for slogan writing85 for drawing competition44 for opinion writing and 26 for debate competition from different States of the country. In quiz, 25 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) were asked. The slogan writing was performed both in Hindi and English.